Sports Nutrition

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Why is Sports Nutrition important?

The impact of nutrition in sport is often underestimated, but ultimately it creates the foundation for your ability to make energy, recover from and adapt from training and its environment! What and when you eat can affect your performance and your energy levels while you’re exercising. Tailoring your diet to support your exercise routine can help you achieve better results!

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Sports Nutrition will help you achieve the next level.

Helping you to train harder!

Through our sports nutrition consultation, you are able to focus on good eating habits while ensuring the right intake of all micro- and macronutrients. For example, if you are training for endurance events, you meals should include more carbohydrates before the event to boost your energy and performance at the right time.

Yet, our sports nutrition plans go beyond simply what to eat – the correct lifestyle habits and food timings will allow you to maximize your workout and the recovery phase between trainings – thus you will be able to train at your full potential!

Sports Nutrition Specialists

Our sports nutrition specialist will address your needs – medical health, nutrition and diets for the highest sports performance!

Eva Anelauskas
Eva is a Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Food Technology and Nutrition from Sweden and Master of Science in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from the UK. She is specialized in Sports Nutrition, Hormonal Imbalances and Weight Loss.
    Senior Clinical Dietitian
    Nadia Bornman
    Nadia is a Senior Clinical Dietitian with a Bachelor Degree of Dietetics from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She is specialized in Sports Nutrition, Digestive Health, Women and Child Nutrition.
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