Pre-Marital Screening


Pre-Marital Screening

Getting Married Soon?

Are you planning to get married in the UAE? Then a pre-marital screening is mandatory which tests the overall health status of the prospective partner and detects sexually transmitted diseases.

Screening also helps identifying carriers of genetic disorders (e.g. Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Disease). Today you may not experience any health problems, but if you’re a silent carrier of a hereditary disease, you may transmit it to your future children.

A blood test is the core of pre-marital screening and tests on standard health status and sexually transmitted diseases. To determine which specific genetic disorders you want to be tested for, we recommend engaging with a genetic counselor first. Particularly if there is a history of serious genetic conditions in the family, or when it’s a consanguineous marriage.

How Can You Test Your Blood?

  • Book an appointment at our Dubai JLT clinic and our licensed, experienced nurse will take a blood sample which will be sent to the lab the same day. The whole process will take around 10 minutes. We can also visit you at a location of your convenience (additional costs apply)
  • A test result report will be shared with you by email after 2-3 working days
  • If the test results show you values outside of the regular ranges, we recommend you contact your doctor to determine the next steps

Appointments can be made on 042 43 4166 or you can directly book in our appointment form (under Blood Tests). If you wish to inquire about other pre-marital genetic tests, please contact us as well.