Physiotherapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our physiotherapy clinic in Dubai is focused on restoring your physical health and capabilities as quickly as possible.
We only practice proven Western physiotherapy – Treatments include a range of procedures catering to your needs.
We have a highly proficient team of medical experts whose experience covers a wide array of medical specialties.
First-class advice on the impact of illness, injury, or disability on physical fitness – only at Beyond Nutrition.

Why choose Our Western-Style Physiotherapy?

Focused on restoring physical movement & improving functional levels

Treatments include advanced medical treatments tailored to meet your needs.

Improved movement through exercise, Dry needling & Kinesiotaping.

Our therapists are experienced working across all relevant medical specialties.

Our European physiotherapy experts for better health

With a focused rehabilitation plan, patients recover to their normal lifestyle in a safe and healthy manner.

Experienced physiotherapists provide expert assistance in every activity and exercise, supporting patients towards achieving the goals and milestones laid out in their treatment programme.

Whether you are looking for experts in sports massage or specialists in sports physiotherapy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, our team can help you recover and improve your physical functions!

How does an appointment work?

Call & email us, use our easy online booking, or reach us via Whatsapp!
Visit our clinic in Dubai JLT or we can also visit you at a location of your convenience
A licensed physiotherapist will conduct an initial assessment of your health
You receive a fully personalized plan to restore your physical health levels
Regular assessments throughout your therapy will ensure best results to achieve your goals

Why Beyond Nutrition?

European Professionals

Owned, managed, and run by experienced & qualified European Professionals

Easy and fast process

Reliable results leveraging latest scientific methods

Affordable & High Quality

We offer the best Physiotherapy prices in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our passionate & experienced team

David Baines

David graduated from Leeds University with a Masters in Physiotherapy and BSc Hons from Greenwich London University (UK). He has more than 10 years’ experience working in UK/Dubai hospitals and sports injury clinics.

Wendy Smithson
Wendy graduated in 2003 with a BSc Hons degree in Physiotherapy from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. Afterwards, she served at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh for 7 years, and now has more than 10 years work experience in Dubai.
Marjon Boot-Kleijn
Ergonomics Consultant
Marjon graduated from the University of Applied Science Utrecht, NL in 2004 and started working in a medical centre in the Netherlands. She further acquired a Master’s degree in 2011.

We are here for you

More Details on Physiotherapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The aim of Physiotherapy is to restore the normal physical health and capabilities of individuals within the shortest possible time and ultimately enhance their quality of life. Our physiotherapy specialists do this by restoring physical movement, providing relief from pain or discomfort, improving functional levels, assisting return to sports, and minimising the chances of reoccurrence.

Our Dubai physiotherapy clinic is dedicated to improving or restoring quality of life
Our Physiotherapists are experienced practitioners who have worked extensively across all medical specialities. As individuals, they maintain a high level of continuing professional development to ensure that all assessments and treatments provided to patients are up to date and evidence-based.

The conditions our physiotherapy center in Dubai treats include the following:

Musculoskeletal problems (joints and muscles)
Sports injuries
Neck and back pain
Pre and post-surgery (e.g. ACL reconstructions and joint replacements)
Postural dysfunctions
Lower exercise tolerance due to cardiac and respiratory conditions/diseases.

Our treatments cover a range of techniques and are chosen specific to the individual’s needs. These include:

Manual therapy (Hands-on treatment)
Exercise therapy
Post-operative rehabilitation
Deep tissue massage
Sports massage
Dry needling
Electrophysical Agents
Injury prevention

We also offer golf-specific assessment and treatment by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified staff.

Our team of qualified Western physiotherapists will help you regain control of your body, as well as your life & daily activities.

With a focused rehabilitation plan, you will be able to resume your normal lifestyle in a healthy and safe way.

Our physiotherapists will assist you in every exercise and activity, and will work with you to achieve goals and milestones laid out in your treatment plan.

Whether you are an athlete looking for experts in sports massage and sports physiotherapy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or you have just undergone surgery and need speedy recovery, our specialists can help you recover and improve your physical functions!

As underlined by our name, nutrition is core to our philosophy of a healthier life and we take great pride in the successes we have booked with our clients. Our nutritional consultations are uniquely tailored to maximize impact. Particularly in the cases of diabetes we believe that a well-designed diet plan is essential. During the consultation, our Dietitian or nutritionist will do a full and thorough nutrition assessment covering the following aspects:

  • Concerns you may have and whether known allergies or intolerances are present
  • Current food intake and dietary habits
  • Medical history and medications or supplements that are currently used
  • Exercise regime you are following (if following) and other lifestyle aspects
  • Body composition analysis that will indicate a variety of measures including body fat mass, lean muscle mass, total body water, weight, body mass index (BMI), minerals, available protein for muscle building and more
  • The assessment is often complemented with blood and / or DNA tests to get a better view of your physical makeup

Based on the assessment our Dietitian or nutritionist will provide advice on your diet and together we will set realistic and achievable goals (e.g. goals for performance, health, weight). A uniquely customized nutrition plan will be emailed to you to follow for two weeks. After this period a follow-up consultation is recommended to measure results and make alterations where needed.