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Online Nutrition & Diet Coaching by our Nutritionists & Dietitian.

  • Our Coaching Services are available when you need them - daily, weekly, monthly. You chose!
  • Work with Your Coach from Anywhere, Anytime - independent of your location & country
  • We build a personal relationship with you to fully customize your plan - forget typical cookie-cutter diets in Dubai!
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It is hard to break habits. Let's start creating some good ones.

Changing your eating habits is hard and takes time. Keeping your initial high motivation is much easier if you have someone at your side, to be able to sustainably overhaul your lifestyle to get into the shape of your life! That is why our praised online nutrition & health coaching is the right solution for you!

Beyond Nutrition team

Our team of health coaches - Experienced nutritionists & dietitians.

All our nutritionists and dietitians are fully certified and licensed by the UAE government (Dubai Health Authority), and have many years of professional experience in diet advice, nutrition consultation and tailored meal plan design.

Forget typical cookie-cutter approaches.

Tailored Online Coaching.

We tailor our nutrition and weight loss coaching to the expectations of our consumers – independent of your lifestyle, location, and time you need support – we provide you with the best health & nutrition coaching in the Middle East.

You can work with your health coach - anywhere, anytime.

Can’t travel but still want the best nutrition & diet advise? Use your time to talk to your coach during lunch, while the kids are playing, or in the evening!

Our coaches build a personal relationship with you.

We always work closely together with our clients, to build a long-lasting relationship. We follow up with you, to make sure you are progressing and ensuring you put the self-care into yourself.

Fully tailor programs and recommendations to your needs.

We provide custom plans that address all your personal goals – meal plans to fit your lifestyle, food likes and dislikes, activity level, food allergies and intolerances.

All our services and treatments are available online also.

Full range of services. Online.

  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Lose weight and reduce your body fat
  • Increase your muscle mass and improve your muscle tone
  • Eliminate binge-eating emotional eating and restrictive eating
  • Regain balance in your life and with your eating habits
  • Learn to love and respect your body
  • Improve your skill sets around meal planning and preparation
  • Improve consistency & sustainably with your meal plans
  • Develop manageable & low-stress daily meal preparation
  • ...and much more!

Looking to overhaul your lifestyle, but not sure where to start? Need some help moving away from the diet mentality? Our nutritionists and dietitians will closely work with you to achieve your goals!

Beyond Nutrition Coaches

Our Dietitians & Nutritionists

Looking for an expert on sports nutrition, weight loss or medical nutrition therapy? Our team can help you!

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