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We offer efficient & cost-effective health checkup packages in Dubai

Prevent the onset of ailments with a complete medical checkup in Dubai

Check your health status with a full health check up in Dubai every 6-12 months even if you feel healthy. A preventive health check is a combination of different lab tests used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, leukemia and infections.

Fast & Reliable Test

Health Check - How to!

Preventive screening tests can identify risk factors for common diseases and will enable you to take the required measurements or start an effective treatment at an early stage.

Our general health checkup package in Dubai includes a blood pressure check and different blood and urine tests for common diseases like diabetes mellitus, heart conditions, liver and kidney issues, gout, certain vitamin deficiencies.

Some of the blood tests require that you fast for 8 – 10 hours prior to the sample collection. Schedule an appointment in the morning to avoid long fasting periods during the day. You can have a glass of water after waking up.

We jointly define your goals based on the results of your assessment and your unique situation – what you can achieve by when, taking into account your lifestyle, time to work out, eating habits and preferences.

Complete Blood Count

Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin B12 Levels

Diabetes Screening

Blood Lipid (Cholesterol and Triglycerides) Check

Liver Function Test

Kidney Function Test

Thyroid Check

Uric Acid Check

Urine Analysis

Blood Pressure Check

Body Composition Test

Abnormal increases or decreases in blood values as revealed in a preventive health screening may indicate that you have a medical condition that needs further evaluation. If needed, our team will refer you to the right practitioner.

Our international team of licensed dietitians and nutritionists has many years of experience in conducting health checks – and defining tailored actions plans using nutrition plans and lifestyle changes.

Self-assessment checklist

A Quick Checklist for You!

Adults and children should check their health status every year. If you answer any of the questions below with YES, you should do a preventive health checkup in Dubai on a regular basis.

  • Do you eat an unhealthy diet?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you sleep too little or is your sleep quality poor?
  • Do you have high-stress levels?
  • Do you exercise little or not at all?
  • Do you have family history of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases?
  • Do you smoke or drink alcohol on a regular basis?
  • ...and more!

Personalized Nutrition Consultation.

Happy Clients - Real Success.

Dr. Juhi at Beyond Nutrition has helped me reach my weight loss goals.One of the most remarkable aspects of Juhi's approach is her ability to create personalized nutrition plans tailored to individual needs and preferences. During our initial consultation, she took the time to listen attentively to my concerns, goals, and dietary restrictions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of my specific requirements. Her expertise and extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition shone through as she crafted a custom plan that perfectly aligned with my lifestyle.What truly sets Juhi apart is her holistic approach to health and wellness. Instead of merely focusing on what I ate, she took into account my overall well-being, incorporating physical activity recommendations, stress management techniques, and sleep optimization tips into our discussions. Her emphasis on balance and harmony resonated with me, allowing me to approach my health goals in a sustainable and realistic more
Harsh Shambwani
Harsh Shambwani
16:44 28 May 23
I got diagnosed with IBS a couple of years ago and went from Doctor to Doctor but no major improvements were seen even after spending a lot of money. After my research, I knew that to get good results, I had to explore other options. Luckily I found Juhi at Beyond Nutrition who is not only an expert in what she does but also has put emphasis on the mental aspect to combat this debilitating condition. Starting off she keeps things very simple, so it can be followed with minimal effort & as the stages progress she incorporates various other techniques and food choices to add/avoid based on the response. I can DM her and she answers my doubts/questions regarding anything as soon as possible. She listens to and analysis every minute symptom/detail unlike many Doctors out there. So if you truly want to end your suffering, I highly recommend working with her.Currently, I am just under 1 month working with her and have already noticed huge improvement mentally & physically. The symptom diary template she provided is simple to fill in and tracks the progress. The regular video sessions are very helpful for further progression. I am very confident that if I stick to the program, I will achieve the health state I used to have before I got more
Muhammad Zafarullah
Muhammad Zafarullah
09:55 24 May 23
I booked an allergen test through beyond nutrition and it was a wonderful experience right from the beginning. There's tremendous improvement in my son's health and you're in good hands if you consult more
Pakeeza Syed
Pakeeza Syed
09:51 17 Feb 23
Had a great experience from booking to results. Very approachable staff and practitioners. Highly recommend.
13:00 31 Oct 22
I was looking to start keto diet and after few exploratory calls decided to go with Beyond Nutrition, as they seemed to have good amount of experience with this diet. I had several sessions with miss Eva and she made personalized keto recommendations that I was able apply right away. Very happy with results so more
Matt Bryant
Matt Bryant
13:52 22 Aug 21
My partner and I sought out Beyond Nutrition in October of 2020 as we wanted to learn how to eat more nutritiously. We specifically requested consultations with Katharina Elbracht as she specializes in vegan nutrition. We were first asked to do some blood work to make sure all our markers were in order, and then scheduled regular sessions where we went through both general and specific eating and lifestyle advice which includes what vitamins to take, lifestyle habits to implement to better reach our goals, portion control, and quality of food. During every follow-up consultation we would analyze the previous week/s in detail and discuss what went well and what we can improve. Katharina also provided us with meal recipes which we have really enjoyed and they're easy to make. It's been a great experience so far and we've learned so more
15:38 16 May 21
Having had to have medical care around the country, this place showed me that it can be done well......
Eric Smith
Eric Smith
05:34 12 Dec 18
Finally got great care in an efficient manor
Maajid el-Salim
Maajid el-Salim
06:26 11 Dec 18
Amazing staff! Everyone was really helpful & friendly. Thank you, so much!
Chris Dott
Chris Dott
11:16 08 Dec 18
Best greate care.
Mayyaada -
Mayyaada -
14:49 05 Dec 18
the best-no joke.
Huda al-Hana
Huda al-Hana
12:23 05 Dec 18
Having had to have medical care around the country, this place showed me that it can be done well....
Eric Smith
Eric Smith
06:13 05 Dec 18
Finally got great care in an efficient manor! .
Maajid el-Salim
Maajid el-Salim
16:02 04 Dec 18
Had an extremely helpful sports massage session. Definitely helped.
Faraz Kohari
Faraz Kohari
10:27 10 Oct 18
Having had to have medical care around the country, this place showed me that it can be done well.
Eric Smith
Eric Smith
14:18 08 Oct 18
Great place .. these folks are some of the best .
17:27 08 Sep 18
Beyond Expectations. The nursing staff was above and beyond fantastic!! So professional and gentle in every aspect!
Digital World
Digital World
15:20 25 Aug 18
Good clinic. Saw Eva Anelauskas for sports nutrition. She did a great diet plan I can follow easily, even though I dont cook a lot at home. Thanks!
06:22 10 Aug 18
I went and have massage by Ms. Arlyn Castro Hortelano..Massage was amazing..She knows every points and parts to concentrate..i felt so relaxed , reborn and very light..she even gave me wonderful advices about my muscles and how to relax them.. I am so sure i am in goods hands with her..i cant stop and just keep coming back..Highly recommend Ms.Arlyn..?????read more
15:15 05 Mar 18
I had a massage at this clinic and it was a wonderful experience. I had massages before and I usually have a huge headache afterwards but this time I felt great and didn’t have any headache at all. The massage therapist is very skilled and kind. Service in the clinic is also really great. Would certainly recommend this to my more
Wieske Heinen
Wieske Heinen
17:55 07 Jan 18
I had a very positive experience at Beyond Nutrition. Setting up appointments was fast and easy, and the clinic atmosphere and staff were pleasant. The nutritional consultations were very helpful, particularly because of the blood tests. Overall highly more
Marieke Geurts
Marieke Geurts
17:34 05 Dec 17
Beyond nutrition are also beyond expectations and standards! The team is amazing! They are so professional and friendly! I love going there for nutritional consultation, blood tests, massages and physiotherapy. Katharina, the manager, is my favorite person there! I book my nutritional consultation with her. She is well knowledgeable about her field and she is really accommodating to her clients. I highly recommend this place! They have so much more to offer, you just have to go and try their services ?read more
Rawia Hamadeh
Rawia Hamadeh
11:35 20 Nov 17
I have had one of the best experiences with Beyond Nutrition. Ms. Nadia and Ms. Kathy are very professional and always helpful. Due to my work ethic I am not very good with following a schedule, but they are very accommodating and we were able to work out a schedule that would fit around my life, and not for my life to change (significantly) around the eating and exercise regimen. I would really recommend them to anyone who is looking to get healthy or just to get a good perspective on what they can change to be a better self :DP.S. Thanks to the nurse who recommended I get my cholesterol and lipids checked, never would have known, maybe until too more
divia ahuja
divia ahuja
14:36 09 Aug 17

Our Dietitians & Nutritionists

Our team is specialized in Diet Plans, Nutrition Consultation and Meal Plans!

Our Dietitians & Nutritionists

Our team is specialized in Diet Plans, Nutrition Consultation and Meal Plans!

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    Medical Examination in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - For Better Health

    General Health Checkup

    The general medical examination or “checkup” is a common form of preventive medicine involving visits to our healthcare practitioners and therapists. Not only when you are not feeling well, but particularly when you are currently feeling good! A good rule of thumb is to visit us bi-annually or at least yearly. We conduct comprehensive checkups, including blood works, nutrition & diet assessment, biometrics and other physiological tests as needed.

    Prevention is Better Than Any Cure.

    General Health Check.

    Our highly-skilled team of healthcare professionals has the experience in a wide array of medical specialties to be able to conduct a general health checkup.

    • A General Health Checkup is key to determine potential health problems for you.
    • A comprehensive blood test is a key part of a full & reliable medical check up.
    • We cover blood test, biometrics, diet & lifestyle assessment, any other physio- and psychological evaluations as needed.
    • Our dietitians and GP will create a tailored health plan to increase your wellbeing.
    • ...and more!

    A general medical check up usually includes:

    • Complete Blood Count
    • Lipid Profile (Cholesterin Levels, Triglycerides)
    • Liver Profile
    • Kidney Profile
    • Thyroid Hormone Check
    • Diabetes Risk Check (Fasting Glucose Levels)
    • Gout Check (Uric Acid Levels)
    • Urine Profile.

    Consultations with our experienced nutritionist, dietitian & General Practictioners in Dubai include a detailed nutritional assessment, food journal analysis, a body composition check, nutrition education, and advice on the individual diet, as well as a customized nutrition plan tailored to each client needs.

    Regular medical check-up can identify potential health risks and preventive measures can be taken at an early stage.

    Some diseases are asymptomatic – this means they do not have obvious signs and symptoms until the situation has become an emergency. Examples of these are hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, and high cholesterol (hyperlipidemia).

    We should know that prevention is always better than cure. There might be a few people experiencing symptoms but shake it off as they do not find these serious, like blurry visions, dizziness, tingling sensations in the hands and feet, muscle weakness and the like. It comes and it goes until they find themselves in the ER.

    How important is having a regular medical check up in Dubai and running blood tests at the same time?

    Regular medical check-up can identify potential health risks and preventive measures can be taken at an early stage.

    A company’s executive management generally has a good understanding of its business’ performance and outlook. Strangely enough, the same executives often have far lesser visibility on their personal health status. They may have an idea of their fitness level, but cannot pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses – let alone having a good sense of serious health risks on the horizon. Which is ironic, as becoming ill does not just have personal implications, also the business will suffer.


    What Executive Health Checkups Do We Offer?
    General Health Checkup: The core of the health checkup that covers a wide range of blood tests including: complete blood count, liver profile, kidney profile, lipid profile (cholesterol levels, triglycerides), thyroid hormone check, gout check (uric acid levels), urine analysis, and diabetes risk check (fasting glucose levels)

    DNA Health Test: Test that looks for variations in specific genes that could have an impact on overall health, well-being, metabolic processes and risk for chronic diseases. The test covers among others lipid metabolism, methylation, detoxification, inflammation, bone health and food responsiveness

    DNA Diet Test: This DNA Diet test covers absorption and metabolism, energy homeostasis, carbohydrate responsiveness, fat metabolism, obesity, satiety, feeding behavior, regulation of energy intake, exercise responsive, circadian rhythms, fat storage and inflammation. These are all factors will help indicating weight management priorities

    Food Intolerance Test: Intolerance to certain foods can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life, and it is generally difficult to decipher what types of foods spark which symptoms. Our blood test is an effective way to detect food-specific sensitivities and drive alterations to the diet. We can also include food allergy tests

    Vitamin and Mineral Screening: Vitamins and minerals are micro-nutrients that are crucial to appropriate nutrition and normal body function. Tests will measure the vitamin and mineral levels (e.g. A, E, Beta Carotene, B1, B6, B12, D, Calcium, Magnesium) in your blood and identify potential deficiencies

    Cancer Tumor Screening: Comprehensive blood test to screen for tumor markers – can be tailored to males or females

    Body Composition Assessment: Body composition test providing information on body weight, body fat mass, muscle mass, mineral levels, BMI (Body Mass Index), body water, water retention, obesity degree, basal metabolic rate, fitness levels. Additional checks of blood pressure and blood sugar can be included

    Unlike other laboratories, at Beyond Nutrition Dubai we provide a separate nutrition consultation session after the test results are in. During this consultation our dietitian will help interpreting the test results, define your priorities (e.g. losing weight, gaining more energy) and create a tailored nutrition plan. After all, a well-balanced and nutritious diet is crucial to attain good physical health and overall wellness. In a follow-up session we will measure the impact and make changes where necessary.

    All the tests and sessions can be conducted at your office or in our Dubai JLT clinic. We offer health checks for individuals, or for entire management teams (discounts apply).

    Why An Executive Health Checkup?

    Executive Health Checkup in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

    Increasingly corporate managements in the UAE are aware of their health risks and the role model function they play while addressing it. Regular health checks provide a good dashboard on one’s health and clarify what changes are needed to improve. Good nutrition is the core route towards a healthy lifestyle. At Beyond Nutrition in Dubai we offer corporate health checkup packages where we tailor tests based on the individual’s and company’s requirements.

    • Scientifically proven – Healthy Executives demonstrate higher performance in their job.
    • Executives often don't have enough visibility on their personal health status & serious health risks.
    • Our health experts conduct fully individualized executive tests - Fast, Easy & Reliable.
    • Our dietitians and GP will create a tailored executive health plan to increase your performance.
    • An Executive Health Checkup at Beyond Nutrition is easy, fast and affordable!

    Professional and Comprehensive health check-up in Dubai

    Read More

    Some illnesses and diseases do not manifest symptoms until it reaches the later stages, and by then, treatments can be rendered useless and inadequate. But undergoing a regular check-up can prevent this from happening.

    Beyond Nutrition is a premier wellness facility that offers first-class health check-up for Dubai and Abu Dhabi clients. Our philosophy is to make healthcare accessible to everyone, and we do that by providing premium bi-annual and yearly medical assessments, tests, and screenings to identify and manage existing conditions and lower the risk of contracting diseases and illnesses. We conduct comprehensive checkups, including blood works, nutrition & diet assessment, biometrics and other physiological tests as needed.

    Extensive medical check-up in Dubai for individuals and employees

    Beyond Nutrition conducts extensive and full health check-up in Dubai to thoroughly assess an individual’s condition and check if they are at risk of contracting certain diseases and illnesses based on their lab results and lifestyle. With a thorough assessment, our team of health professionals and dietician can determine potential health problems and provide tailored health plan to improve your wellbeing.

    Corporate management and businesses are also aware of the health risks that their employees are exposed to and addressing it would be beneficial for their company. We offer corporate health checkup packages with tailor tests based on the individual’s and company’s requirements.

    • Our health experts conduct fully individualized executive tests – Fast, Easy & Reliable.
    • Our dietitians will create a tailored executive wellness plan to increase your performance.
    • We offer easy, fast and affordable health assessments and screenings for large groups and companies

    An expert team of professionals to facilitate the wellness checkup

    We bring together a team of highly-skilled health professionals and experts who have wealth of experience in a wide array of medical specialties. Their skills, expertise, and professionalism are widely known in the industry and they are committed to provide excellent service to clients and help them achieve their wellness and fitness goals.

    Pay attention to what your body says!

    Learn more about our medical check-up packages and schedule a consultation by calling us at 971 4 243 4166. You can also book an appointment via our online contact form or send us an email at

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