Executive Health Checkup


Executive Health Checkup in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Are you healthy enough to lead a company?
Executives often don't have enough visibility on their personal health status & serious health risks
Prevention is always better than cure - Regular medical check ups help prevent sickness
Our health experts conduct fully individualized executive tests - Fast, Easy & Reliable
Highest quality health check ups in Dubai & Abu Dhabi only at Beyond Nutrition!

Why an Executive Health Checkup?

Scientifically proven – Healthy Executives demonstrate higher performance in their job

An Executive Health Checkup is key to determine potential health problems for you

Our dietitians and GP will create a tailored executive health plan to increase your performance

An Executive Health Checkup at Beyond Nutrition is easy, fast and affordable

How does an appointment work?

Call & email us, use our easy online booking, or reach us via Whatsapp!
Visit our clinic in Dubai JLT or we can also visit you at a location of your convenience
One of our experienced, Dubai Health Authority licensed nurse will take a blood sample
You receive a fully personalized report by email within a few days
Ideally, you should book a follow-up consultation to create a tailored health-plan for you

Why Beyond Nutrition?

European Professionals

Run & owned by experienced & qualified European Professionals

Easy and fast process

Reliable results leveraging latest scientific methods

Affordable & High Quality

We offer the best Executive Health Checkup price in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

More Details on Executive Health Checkup

A company’s executive management generally has a good understanding of its business’ performance and outlook. Strangely enough, the same executives often have far lesser visibility on their personal health status. They may have an idea of their fitness level, but cannot pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses – let alone having a good sense of serious health risks on the horizon. Which is ironic, as becoming ill does not just have personal implications, also the business will suffer.

Increasingly corporate managements in the UAE are aware of their health risks and the role model function they play while addressing it. Regular health checks provide a good dashboard on one’s health and clarify what changes are needed to improve. Good nutrition is the core route towards a healthy lifestyle. At Beyond Nutrition in Dubai we offer corporate health checkup packages where we tailor tests based on the individual’s and company’s requirements.

What Executive Health Checkups Do We Offer?
General Health Checkup: The core of the health checkup that covers a wide range of blood tests including: complete blood count, liver profile, kidney profile, lipid profile (cholesterol levels, triglycerides), thyroid hormone check, gout check (uric acid levels), urine analysis, and diabetes risk check (fasting glucose levels)

DNA Health Test: Test that looks for variations in specific genes that could have an impact on overall health, well-being, metabolic processes and risk for chronic diseases. The test covers among others lipid metabolism, methylation, detoxification, inflammation, bone health and food responsiveness

DNA Diet Test: This DNA Diet test covers absorption and metabolism, energy homeostasis, carbohydrate responsiveness, fat metabolism, obesity, satiety, feeding behavior, regulation of energy intake, exercise responsive, circadian rhythms, fat storage and inflammation. These are all factors will help indicating weight management priorities

Food Intolerance Test: Intolerance to certain foods can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life, and it is generally difficult to decipher what types of foods spark which symptoms. Our blood test is an effective way to detect food-specific sensitivities and drive alterations to the diet. We can also include food allergy tests

Vitamin and Mineral Screening: Vitamins and minerals are micro-nutrients that are crucial to appropriate nutrition and normal body function. Tests will measure the vitamin and mineral levels (e.g. A, E, Beta Carotene, B1, B6, B12, D, Calcium, Magnesium) in your blood and identify potential deficiencies

Cancer Tumor Screening: Comprehensive blood test to screen for tumor markers – can be tailored to males or females

Body Composition Assessment: Body composition test providing information on body weight, body fat mass, muscle mass, mineral levels, BMI (Body Mass Index), body water, water retention, obesity degree, basal metabolic rate, fitness levels. Additional checks of blood pressure and blood sugar can be included

Unlike other laboratories, at Beyond Nutrition Dubai we provide a separate nutrition consultation session after the test results are in. During this consultation our dietitian will help interpreting the test results, define your priorities (e.g. losing weight, gaining more energy) and create a tailored nutrition plan. After all, a well-balanced and nutritious diet is crucial to attain good physical health and overall wellness. In a follow-up session we will measure the impact and make changes where necessary.

All the tests and sessions can be conducted at your office or in our Dubai JLT clinic. We offer health checks for individuals, or for entire management teams (discounts apply).

At Beyond Nutrition in Dubai we conduct many blood tests. The process is simple:

  • Book an appointment at our Dubai JLT clinic and our licensed, experienced nurse will take a blood sample which will be sent to the lab the same day. The whole process will take around 10 minutes. We can also visit you at a location of your convenience (additional costs for home/office visits apply)
  • The test result report with your blood values will be shared with you by email after 1-2 working days
  • If the test results show you have any deficiency, it is highly recommended to expose your skin more to the sun. Bearing in mind skin risks and other limitations here in UAE, many opt for supplements or dietary adjustments. We can support you with separate nutrition consultations with our Dietitian to make the required changes to your diet and lifestyle

As underlined by our name, nutrition is core to our philosophy of a healthier life and we take great pride in the successes we have booked with our clients. Our nutritional consultations are uniquely tailored to maximize impact. Particularly in the cases of diabetes we believe that a well-designed diet plan is essential. During the consultation, our Dietitian or nutritionist will do a full and thorough nutrition assessment covering the following aspects:

  • Concerns you may have and whether known allergies or intolerances are present
  • Current food intake and dietary habits
  • Medical history and medications or supplements that are currently used
  • Exercise regime you are following (if following) and other lifestyle aspects
  • Body composition analysis that will indicate a variety of measures including body fat mass, lean muscle mass, total body water, weight, body mass index (BMI), minerals, available protein for muscle building and more
  • The assessment is often complemented with blood and / or DNA tests to get a better view of your physical makeup

Based on the assessment our Dietitian or nutritionist will provide advice on your diet and together we will set realistic and achievable goals (e.g. goals for performance, health, weight). A uniquely customized nutrition plan will be emailed to you to follow for two weeks. After this period a follow-up consultation is recommended to measure results and make alterations where needed.

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