Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Meet Beyond Nutrition - Leading Expertise in Corporate Health and Wellness!

  • Never have employees been faced with busier lives than today.
  • It appears that the battle between employee health and stress is one that is being lost.
  • Beyond profit and reduction of costs, it is a social responsibility that motivates companies to invest in our services.
  • Prevention and early intervention is key to keep workforces as healthy and productive as possible!
  • Talk to us today to receive a fully customized service package for your company!

Recognized Excellence

We work closely with you to define a corporate wellness program which is right for your company and your employees. WE do not believe in off-the-shelve programs, as you often find it in Dubai.
We fully tailor our program based on your unique situation – as a result, we have been recognized and stand for excellence in the UAE corporate wellness market!

Global & Local Clients

We are proud to be frequently selected to work with local and global companies – including Fortune 500 corporations. We stand out for 3 main reasons:

  1. The right understanding: We understand Corporate Wellness industry and global trends.
  2. The right team: A team of skilled healthcare experts and management consultants.
  3. The right approach: Bringing global best-practices fully tailored to YOUR needs.

How Your Company Benefits From Corporate Wellness

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Lower Costs

We help you to reduce healthcare costs – wellness programs return 6x the investment!

Greater Productivity

We will help you to increase employee productivity – fighting absenteeism & presenteeism!

Higher Morale

We will help you to boost workforce morale & culture – giving you an edge in the marketplace!

Our Approach To Corporate Wellness In Dubai And Abu Dhabi

L et us determine your needs AND your employee needs. What do employees need, and how do those needs fit with the goals of the employer? This is a simple question, yet often not considered in setting up a corporate wellness program. To find an answer it is crucial that we involve and assess both sides of the story. It is essential to understand the mindsets, challenges and needs of your employees first before we are laying out the specifics of the program, like the services offered the duration of the program or the overarching scheme.

We jointly create an action plan. Based on the gather information, we determine what elements will work for your company. Is it 1-on-1 coaching sessions, meal plans, a fitness challenge, info sessions or some combination of the above? We always strongly recommend combining health & wellness education with physical activity – to see real and quick benefits as well as achieving a sustainable mindset change.

We design a communication plan together. Wellness and health is not only a mission – it is a message. The way you communicate it can make all the difference! A culture of wellness doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, endurance and a communication plan that lays out the program’s framework, which information is shared on which channels, by what time and ‘who is communicating what’ to your employees.

B ased on the desired scope, objectives and targets planned out in phase 1, we will execute the program with a holistic approach. It is important to not execute in silos, but create an experience and service landscape fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle. For example…

…your CEO kicks-off the corporate wellness program via an engaging speech

…we bring our life coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists to deliver informative workshops

…initiate a fitness challenge to create excitement, engagement and a feeling of ‘we are in this together’

…we conduct blood and biometric tests to fully tailor the recommendations to each employee

…follow up with 1-on-1 consultations on stress handling, diets, meal plans and workplace ergonomics

…plus support via life coaching sessions in starting a healthier and more active professional and personal life.

E nsure sustainability of your corporate wellness program. There is not a “killer program”, meaning one single health / wellness program that works for every company – since needs, business models and corporate cultures are always different. Optimizing the value garnered by your employees and your company typically depends on how well the environment and participants are evaluated before and after the program, how the offered services are accepted, if communication is easy to digest and how well the system is executed. You need a clear and concise tracking method in regards to both the return (tangible and intangible) and value on investment (money and time). Based on what has worked well, we will be able to suggest next steps to ensure a sustainable increase in health and happiness of your employees, and a lasting return on investment. This can be in form of…

  • …quarterly health checks, like blood tests and biometric measurements

  • …follow-up consultations with our nutritionists, life coaches, personal trainers or physiotherapists

  • …regular workshops and info sessions on health topics, eating habits, fighting stress or managing busy schedules more effectively & efficiently.

M onitor the success and progress of your corporate wellness program. “How are we doing?” might be a question your CEO will ask you one morning. You fought hard for a budget to run a corporate wellness program, now it is time you have to demonstrate the success of it. These can be hard measure like # of participants, # of miles runs/steps taken, pounds lost, muscles gained, but also more qualitative feedback from the participants like “I feel much more energetic, we started a workout group, I finally know what to eat”. Thus, creating healthier and happier employees! We can recommend a set of KPIs to track in our customized “Corporate Dashboard” and regularly report to the company leadership and/or your employees. You want to be on top of the positive progress to tell success stories!

Long-term, we will be able to help you measure reductions in sick days or money spend on health insurances, thus quantifying the positive contribution of the corporate wellness program to the bottom-line of your company. The positive ROI of a wellness program can be measured – guaranteed!

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