Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Recognized excellence in corporate health and wellness!

Never have employees been faced with busier lives than today. In the modern world where pressures are more numerable than ever before, it appears that the battle between employee health and stress is one that is being lost. We only need to look at global statistics to understand how sick days and periods continue to grow, and consequently continue to impact businesses and their bottom lines.

Beyond profit and reduction of costs, it is a social responsibility that often motivates companies to invest in our services. Services that span nutrition talks and one on one consultations, supported by biometric screening with body composition tests and blood tests provided by our partner laboratory. Completing the picture with workplace ergonomic assessments and advice as well as fitness and exercise sessions, our mission is to make the most of the health of your staff.

Preventive biometric screenings can identify early signs of future health issues and therefore reduce a company’s healthcare costs. Prevention and early intervention is key to keep workforces as healthy and productive as possible.

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