Calorie Calculation

Calorie Counting and Menu Optimization in Dubai

Mandatory Calorie Calculation in Dubai

Dubai is increasingly promoting a healthy lifestyle. As restaurants carry a responsibility to support customers in making healthier eating decisions, the Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality are putting new regulations in place. Restaurants that serve healthy dishes need to back up their claim with a detailed assessment. And all restaurants in Dubai are required to include detailed nutritional information in their menu. At Beyond Nutrition we can help..

Our Services

As underlined by our name, nutrition is core to our philosophy of a healthier life and we take great pride in the successes we have booked with our restaurant clients in Dubai. We provide three services.

1. Nutritional value / calorie calculation

Calculation of calories (recipe analysis) is a meticulous exercise where precision is essential, and we take great care in all steps to ensure accuracy. And we do not stop at calories, as it’s just one dimension. We provide information beyond calories such as fat, sugar, cholesterol, protein, vitamins, and others. This will allow for even better-educated menu decisions.

2. Nutritional consultation

We leverage our nutritional and industry knowledge to provide practical and impactful suggestions on how to make a menu healthier and more balanced. We start off with a take-in-interview to understand your restaurant’s philosophy, target audience and current menu successes. Then we review the menu on ingredient-level and identify opportunities for a healthier menu without compromising taste.

3. Nutritional workshops

We conduct workshops for staff, so they make balanced decisions on menu design and can better guide their clientele towards healthy eating. We have standard workshops, but can also tailor them to your specific needs. Workshops could focus for example on balanced diets, food allergies, weight loss, etc. Our workshops are practical, scientific and interactive..

Contact Us

Our services can be one-off, or based on a partnership model where we support you in an ongoing fashion (e.g. when new items are added). If interested, please contact us on 042434166 or through the contact form, and we can have a discussion to understand your interest.