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Calorie Counting & Menu Optimization in Dubai

Our team of nutritionists and dietitians assess your menu and recipes to advise you on how to improve your menu. This includes various options, for example (1) how to make your menu healthier, (2) what kind of information you should provide to your customers, (3) or uncover the allergens (e.g. peanuts) in your recipes. We have many years of experience with nutrition advice, meal plan design, recipes optimization – resulting in professionally designed menus backed by nutrition science.

Dubai is increasingly promoting a healthy lifestyle – Starting mandatory Calorie Calculation in Dubai.

New regulations by the Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality – Restaurants to carry the responsibility to support customers in making healthier eating decisions.

Restaurants serving healthy dishes need to back up health claims with detailed nutritional assessments.

All restaurants required to include detailed nutritional information on menus in the future.

We provide tailored advice to you – Our services can be one-off or based on a partnership model where we support you in an ongoing fashion.

Nutrition Services for Restaurants & Meal Delivery Providers

Our Services

As underlined by our name, nutrition is core to our philosophy of a healthier life and we take great pride in the successes we have booked with our restaurant clients in Dubai.

Nutritional Value / Calorie Calculation

Calculation of calories (recipe analysis) is a detailed exercise where precision is essential, and we take great care in all steps to ensure accuracy.
Calories are just one dimension. We provide information beyond calories such as fat, sugar, cholesterol, protein, vitamins, and others.
This allows for even better-educated menu decisions.

Menu Optimization / Consulting

We leverage our nutritional & industry knowledge to provide practical and impactful suggestions on how to make menus healthier & more balanced.

We start off by understanding your restaurant’s philosophy, target audience and current menu successes. Then we review the menu on ingredient-level and identify opportunities for a healthier or allergen-free menu without compromising taste.

Nutritional Workshops

We conduct workshops for staff, so they make balanced decisions on menu design and can better guide their clientele towards healthy eating.

We have standard workshops, but can also tailor them to your specific needs. Workshops could focus for example on balanced diets, food allergies, weight loss, etc.

Our workshops are practical, scientific and interactive.

What Do You Need To Know - Frequently Asked Questions

In A Nutshell

What are the costs of a nutrition fact calculation & menu optimization?
We fully customize our approach to your menu to provide you with a tailored quotation based on your needs. Costs for nutrition fact calculations generally run from AED 100-200 per recipe, menu optimization and consulting starts at AED 500 per hour depending on the complexity of the menu.

How long does nutrition fact calculation take?

Very much depends on your menus and recipes. Generally, larger menus and more complex recipes take more time. After an initial screening of the recipes, we provide you with an estimation of the required time.

What information must I provide to Beyond Nutrition?

During the initial phase, you provide us with a copy of all the recipes you want to analyze or optimize. The more specific the information is, the better! If we have questions, we get back to you before we start our work. This is a team effort – for best result, your chef, who created the menu/recipes, or a person in the restaurant kitchen, who is familiar with all the ingredients and recipes, should be involved to answer questions.

How will I receive my nutrition fact calculation results?

As soon as we completed the nutrition fact calculation, we will email you all the reports.

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