Marjon Boot-Kleijn

Marjon Boot-Kleijn – Ergonomics Consultant

“Turn a setback into a comeback!”

Marjon graduated from the University of Applied Science Utrecht, Netherlands in 2004 and started working in a medical center in the Netherlands, treating patients with e.g. sports injuries, surgery recoveries and chronical illness.

In 2008 she joined the Academic Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam, Netherlands as a physiotherapist at the Department of Rehabilitation. Her role comprised of providing treatment for patients admitted with various diseases, surgeries, conditions and ages, including vascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, lower limb amputations, etc. with an in- and outpatient scope.​

Along with her work in the AMC, she acquired her Masters degree in Cardio-pulmonary, vascular physical therapy and chronic care in 2011 in the Netherlands.​

Furthermore, she was participating in innovative projects to improve quality of healthcare and treatment and was educating and teaching personnel within the hospital and university students.​

She feels that part of teaching is giving the opportunity to transfer knowledge, advice and awareness of habits, health issues or lifestyle. Whether this is during personal life or during working hours. It gives her great satisfaction to give people the option to work on raising knowledge of the tools, exercises and adjustments they need to grow self management and improve their lifestyle.