Arlyn Castro Hortelano

Arlyn Castro Hortelano – Massage Therapist

“Be beautiful, be you!”

Arlyn is a UK trained massage therapist (M.T.) with more than 5 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. By applying different massage techniques, she relieves pain, helps rehabilitate injuries, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and anxiety, increases relaxation, and boosts the general wellness.

Arlyn obtained her certificate in Therapeutic Reflexology in 2013 and worked as a Reflexologist in the Philippines. Since then, her passion in alleviating a person’s discomfort by providing therapeutic massage became a vocation. After moving to Dubai, Arlyn continued to expand her massage techniques in different wellness centers. She successfully completed an internationally accredited training program from CIBTAC in the UK.

Arlyn is not only a great massage therapist but also provides her clients information about the underlying mechanics of massages and additional relaxation techniques. Working in the multidisciplinary team at Beyond Nutrition allows her to take a holistic approach to health. Often, she works side-by-side with the physiotherapist and calibrates her approach to maximize impact.

Arlyn specializes in therapeutic massage, relaxation massage (full body massage), deep tissue massage (sports massage) as well as reflexology.