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Having had to have medical care around the country, this place showed me that it can be done well......
Eric Smith
05:34 12 Dec 18
Finally got great care in an efficient manor
Maajid el-Salim
06:26 11 Dec 18
Amazing staff! Everyone was really helpful & friendly. Thank you, so much!
Chris Dott
11:16 08 Dec 18
Best greate care.
Mayyaada -
14:49 05 Dec 18
the best-no joke.
Huda al-Hana
12:23 05 Dec 18
Having had to have medical care around the country, this place showed me that it can be done well....
Eric Smith
06:13 05 Dec 18
Finally got great care in an efficient manor! .
Maajid el-Salim
16:02 04 Dec 18
Had an extremely helpful sports massage session. Definitely helped.
Faraz Kohari
10:27 10 Oct 18
Having had to have medical care around the country, this place showed me that it can be done well.
Eric Smith
14:18 08 Oct 18
Great place .. these folks are some of the best .
17:27 08 Sep 18
Beyond Expectations. The nursing staff was above and beyond fantastic!! So professional and gentle in every aspect!
Digital World
15:20 25 Aug 18
Good clinic. Saw Eva Anelauskas for sports nutrition. She did a great diet plan I can follow easily, even though I dont cook a lot at home. Thanks!read more
06:22 10 Aug 18
I went and have massage by Ms. Arlyn Castro Hortelano..Massage was amazing..She knows every points and parts to concentrate..i felt so relaxed , reborn and very light..she even gave me wonderful advices about my muscles and how to relax them.. I am so sure i am in goods hands with her..i cant stop and just keep coming back..Highly recommend Ms.Arlyn..?????read more
15:15 05 Mar 18
I had a massage at this clinic and it was a wonderful experience. I had massages before and I usually have a huge headache afterwards but this time I felt great and didn’t have any headache at all. The massage therapist is very skilled and kind. Service in the clinic is also really great. Would certainly recommend this to my friends.read more
Wieske Heinen
17:55 07 Jan 18
I had a very positive experience at Beyond Nutrition. Setting up appointments was fast and easy, and the clinic atmosphere and staff were pleasant. The nutritional consultations were very helpful, particularly because of the blood tests. Overall highly recommended.read more
Marieke Geurts
17:34 05 Dec 17
Beyond nutrition are also beyond expectations and standards! The team is amazing! They are so professional and friendly! I love going there for nutritional consultation, blood tests, massages and physiotherapy. Katharina, the manager, is my favorite person there! I book my nutritional consultation with her. She is well knowledgeable about her field and she is really accommodating to her clients. I highly recommend this place! They have so much more to offer, you just have to go and try their services ?read more
Rawia Hamadeh
11:35 20 Nov 17
I have had one of the best experiences with Beyond Nutrition. Ms. Nadia and Ms. Kathy are very professional and always helpful. Due to my work ethic I am not very good with following a schedule, but they are very accommodating and we were able to work out a schedule that would fit around my life, and not for my life to change (significantly) around the eating and exercise regimen. I would really recommend them to anyone who is looking to get healthy or just to get a good perspective on what they can change to be a better self :DP.S. Thanks to the nurse who recommended I get my cholesterol and lipids checked, never would have known, maybe until too late.read more
divia ahuja
14:36 09 Aug 17

Dietitians & Nutritionists

Owner, Clinical Director & Dietitian
Katharina Elbracht
Katharina is the Owner and Clinical Director of Beyond Nutrition. She is a Clinical Dietitian, educated in Germany. She is specialized on Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition and Medical Nutrition Therapy.
    Senior Clinical Dietitian
    Keren Gird
    Keren graduated with a BSC Hons in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa, after completing an undergrad degree in Physiology & Biochemistry.
      Eva Anelauskas
      Eva is a Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Food Technology and Nutrition from Sweden and Master of Science in Sports & Exercise Nutrition from the UK. She is specialized in Sports Nutrition, Hormonal Imbalances and Weight Loss.
        Lima Faza’a
        Lima is a licensed Clinical Dietitian with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sharjah. She is specialized in weight management, food intolerances and Arabic eating habits.
          Aya Majed
          Aya is a registered Nutritionist, graduated from the University of Jordan with a BSc in Nutrition and Food Technology. She is a native Arabic speaker and specialized in Arabic Nutrition and Women and Child Nutrition.
            Senior Clinical Dietitian
            Nadia Bornman
            Nadia is a Senior Clinical Dietitian with a Bachelor Degree of Dietetics from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She is specialized in Sports Nutrition, Digestive Health, Women and Child Nutrition.

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