It was a beautiful Monday morning and I was set to have a holistic healing session with our holistic healer at Beyond Nutrition Dubai. It was my first time but I already heard many good things about the benefits of energy healing and that it can help an individual connect to his or her own healing energy. I had a minor issue with my health the past few months and am recovering and looking forward to see how energy healing could help me.

I have to admit, I was a bit anxious as I was a first-timer but I was excited at the same time. The practitioner had an initial assessment with me and we started the session. Considering it was eleven in the morning, I was a bit hyperactive as I was working before the treatment.

We started the session with some continuous deep breathing. I could feel how my body started to relax even if she had not started yet. I think her energy was already affecting me. When she started, I could feel my body was fighting back a little, maybe due to the fact that I was a bit nervous earlier before the session started. Slowly, I felt my body and mind so relaxed already. I have to admit it brought me to a place in my mind where it was stress-free.

I wish I could describe the place where my mind wandered during the session but all I can remember are pink flowers and light green grass and the early morning sunshine. I don’t know where it was but that place was amazing. I was sure I wasn’t dreaming as I could feel Isla moving around me. I cannot explain further, you just have to experience it yourself. For sure I will be doing another session with her and oh by the way… her smile is contagious.

Stay healthy!

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