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Chia Seeds – Superfoods or Dirty Lie?

Chia seeds originally come from Central America. They are full of healthy ingredients and can be used in a variety of options as part of a balanced diet.

Superfood, remedy, vegan miracles, weight loss wonder – chia seeds are the trend and call both advocates and critics on the plan. Chia seeds contain many healthy ingredients, they are filling and very versatile. However, they are also quite expensive and similar benefits can be found in other foods such as linseed. Whether chia seeds enrich your muesli or yogurt, everyone has to decide for themselves if they want to include chia seeds into their diet. Here is some helpful information about chia seeds.

Origin of chia seeds
They already served as a basic food and medicine in the Mayan period. The seeds, whose name literally means “strong”, are oval-shaped and about one to two millimeters in size. They are available in black, black spotted and in white and grey. They count as oilseeds or pseudo-cereals and are gluten-free. The cultivation takes place in Central and South America and they are also being cultivated in Southeast Asia and Australia now.

Use of chia seeds
Chia seeds are popular especially in the vegan cuisine, because the small grains have a special power. They rapidly swell in liquid and form a stable gel. From a tablespoon of chia seeds and three tablespoons of water, a gel is formed within 10 minutes, which can replace an egg. In a cake, this gel replaces up to 50 percent of the amount of fat. Thus, baked goods obtain crispness and a resilient structure. In addition, chia seeds can solidify smoothies or jam, which then requires less sugar for gelling. Vegan puddings from chia and vegetable milk are also prepared quickly. Ask your dietitian or nutritionist to include healthy recipe with chia seeds into your diet plan.
Some athletes swear by the power of iskiate, a drink made of Chia, water, lemon juice and honey. Originally from the tribe of the Tamahumara from the north of Mexico, whose relatives are famous as long distance runners.

Chia seeds in the trade
In Dubai chia seeds are sold in almost every supermarket and there are many products on the market that contain chia seeds. For example, there are chia seeds in bread, supplements for muesli or cereals. The special properties of the chia seeds can also act as thickeners, emulsifiers or stabilizers in the food industry.

Chia seeds as a nutrient supplier
These tiny seeds have many valuable ingredients. They contain more protein than grains, while delivering dietary fiber and high-quality polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also supply the body with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Chia seeds primarily provide phytochemicals with antioxidative benefits. Such plants can stop free radicals in the body and thus protect the cells from damage. The superfood does not only complement the vegan cuisine, but the “strong” seeds also enrich a balanced mixed diet.

Can the consumption of chia seeds have undesirable effects?
Besides the valuable components and possible positive effects of chia seeds, side effects can also be thinkable. The high proportion of dietary fiber can lead to problems in the event of sudden changes in diet. In order to prevent flatulence and possibly diarrhea, the intake of high-fiber foods should be increased gradually step by step. At the same time, it is important to drink a lot of liquid, so that the fiber can swell.
The proteins from chia seeds can theoretically cause allergic reactions. So far, however, there is no evidence of such effects. Should you suspect that the consumption of chia seeds causes any type of intolerance, please speak to your dietitian or nutritionist.

Are there studies on the health effects of chia seeds?
Chia seeds can lower the blood pressure in some hypertensive patients. They also show positive effects in type II diabetes by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Chia seeds increase the stool volume and accelerate the digestion time, which can be helpful in case of constipation. The swollen chia seed increases the volume of a meal, thus, contribute to a longer saturation. Dietitians and nutritionist agree that a supportive effect on losing weight has not yet been confirmed, but chia seeds can still be part of a healthy weight loss diet plan because of their beneficial effects on your digestive and general health.

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