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What are the most common sports supplements used for healthy diet plans in Dubai?

What are the most common sports supplements used for a healthy diet plan in Dubai?

Many athletes, bodybuilders as well as recreational athletes add supplements to their healthy diet plan to boost their strength, performance and recovery. The number of available supplements seems endless. Products start from multivitamins and minerals through to protein, creatine and various others.

Here are two of the most commonly used supplements for sports nutrition in Dubai:

Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the most used supplements for sports nutrition in Dubai. It is a protein made from cow’s milk and contains only small amounts of fat, carbohydrates or lactose. Lactose is the sugar found naturally in milk. The protein provided by whey is often referred to as a naturally complete protein and therefore commonly used in combination with a healthy diet plan. Complete proteins contain all nine essential amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the human body.

As part of well-planned sports nutrition, whey protein does not only provide the perfect combination of amino acids, it also contains BCAAs. BCAAs, or branch chain of amino acids, are the first amino acids used during intense exercise.

Combined with a healthy diet plan, whey protein provides the body with the required amino acids. These are needed to repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue. In addition to this, whey protein is very easy to digest for most people. It is absorbed quickly and can provide rapid nourishment to the muscles.


Creatine is produced within the human body, occurs naturally in meat and fish or can be taken as a supplement as part of a healthy diet plan. Creatine supplements are used by many athletes and sportsmen and women in Dubai to boost their muscle strength and explosive power. It can help to train for longer and to increase overall performance.

Should you be taking supplements as part of a healthy eating plan?

Before you start to buy any supplements, you should make sure that your diet is healthy, well balanced and suitable for the type of sport you are conducting. If you are not sure if you are doing it right, you should consult a sports nutritionist in Dubai to discuss your diet and exercise regimen. We here at Beyond Nutrition can help you with a healthy diet plan and advise you on supplements. To design the best diet plan for you, we will take your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history, medications and supplements into consideration.

A healthy diet plan from a professional sports nutritionist in Dubai can help you to:

  • Increase your energy levels
  • maintain good health
  • help losing weight or body fat mass
  • help gaining lean muscle mass
  • speed up recovery
  • improve concentration

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Still in Pain: Failed or Unsatisfactory Previous Physiotherapy Session?

Still in Pain: Failed or Unsatisfactory Previous Physiotherapy Session?

Then you are in the right place – We can help!

Some of the most common things our Physiotherapists hear are:

 ‘I had physio before and it didn’t work’, ‘how can physiotherapy help’, ‘my problem improved but now it’s back again’

Having an injury can be disrupting, no matter when or how long you’ve had it for, but the stubborn injuries or the problems that seem to never go away can be particularly limiting to your daily routine, work or training.

There can be a multitude of reasons why your injury has returned even if you’ve had treatment or physiotherapy before including:

  1. Not getting to the source of the problem
  2. Not completing your rehab: even if you’re pain-free
  3. Not rehabbing your injury specifically to your individual problems
  4. Not getting hands-on treatment
  5. Not identifying repeating/habitual movement, training or work problems
  6. Not looking at the entire body/‘kinetic chain’
  7. Not doing ‘prehab’ or continuing with your exercises
  8. Not having insurance for treatment
  9. You can’t fit in getting to see your physiotherapist – too busy
  10. Needing a doctor’s referral or further treatment advice

Physiotherapy @ Beyond Nutrition is aimed at overcoming these common problems you face and helping you succeed where you or physiotherapy has failed before

The cause of your injury is just as important as the injury itself, and this may mean treating areas away from your main problem area or other areas that have caused the pain/problem in the first place. By assessing other factors that are contributing to your injury, we are more likely to be able to reduce the number of times that your injury comes back again, or worsening. As effective physiotherapists, we will assess and treat your body as a whole, which will allow us to look at problems in your work, training or daily routine that may have stopped you from fixing your problem or may have caused the problem to come back again.

It’s up to you and your therapist to fully complete your rehab and that doesn’t mean just stopping because the pain has gone or decreased.  ‘What was weak now needs to be made strong again and what was unstable now needs to be made stable again’.  We will help to guide you all the way to the end, make sure you understand why each step is important and that you’re doing the correct treatment at the right time depending on your injury healing stage.


Every injury and every pain/ache is different because you’re different.  What’s normal for you and how you move is individual, and as physiotherapists, we assess you, not just the injury, which allows your treatment to be individualized, more specific and ultimately more successful.

When assessing your injury at some point your physiotherapist should assess with his/her hands as well as look at your problem and the way you move. Our hands are any physiotherapists’ best tools and they allow us to get a lot more information and identify what and how things are moving, whether it is your muscle, ligament, joint etc. For treatment, a hands-on approach forms a vital part of your rehab and getting things working properly. We provide the right treatment at the right time and perform soft tissue and manual joint techniques to fully rehab your injury.

Once you’ve finished fully rehabbing your injury with your physiotherapist, you’re not done there.    We like to help our patients keep injury free, move better and feel happier with their body. This is where prehab or preventative physiotherapy comes in or assessing you back at your full level whether this is training and competing or even working. So even if you’re not in pain and are injury free, a physiotherapy assessment or sports massage is the same as a regular check-up/service for your car – not to be missed!!

The final problem of insurance and getting the right advice for your injury is a common obstacle to overcome. We can help you understand the insurance and claims process individual to you. I needed, we can refer you to a doctor for assessment and referral to a physiotherapist.  We provide the necessary paperwork for you to claim your physiotherapy from your insurance, including diagnosis and reason for treatment.

So whether you’re just starting back with training after the summer, haven’t trained because of an ongoing injury, or feeling ‘’aches and niggles’’ from your work, let us help you by providing you with the right sports physiotherapy at Beyond Nutrition and get you moving better and towards your goals.

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